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27 October 2020
For the first time, an experimental biodiversity account for the Netherlands has been published. The Netherlands is a thematic account in the international SEEA-EEA (System of Environmental-Economic Accounts – Experimental Ecosystem Accounts) framework. It’s main use within this framework is to monitor the intrinsic, ecological, quality of the ecosystems providing ecosystem services to society. The Account collects indicators on two hierarchical levels: ecosystems and species. Trends in biodi...read more
15 October 2020
MAIA held its Consortium meeting in an online environment on 13 October 2020. All project partners along with a number of external participants from the EU Commission and EUROSTAT, gathered to discuss MAIA’s recent achievements, challenges and upcoming updates. The first half of the meeting was dedicated to a deliberation of the reached accomplishments during the past project year. However, the emergence of the Covid-19 global pandemic showed to be challenging as it posed a great deal of limi...read more
14 October 2020
MAIA is announcing the project's first webinar, which will be held on 26 October 2020. The webinar will be part of a series of planned online discussion units, during the following six months. The topics will be related to each of the SEEA Ecosystem Accounting and natural capital, with a greater focus on selected thematic aspects. The first webinar is an introduction to the SEEA Ecosystem Accounting framework, model, measurement and data requirements for compiling Ecosystem Accounts, and the...read more
9 October 2020
MAIA is going to gather for this years’ Consortium meeting. The session will be held online at the end of the project’s second year on 13 October 2020, where along with MAIA partners, external members from the EU Commission and EUROSTAT will be present.  During the meeting, recent MAIA achievements will be discussed, along with further planning for upcoming updates. Talks regarding strengthening the external communication and stakeholder engagement are also on the agenda.  Follow...read more
24 June 2020
The EU Horizon 2020 project MAIA brought together over 100 stakeholders for two online workshops at the end of May 2020. This expert exchange organised by the European Commission and the MAIA project discussed the possible setting up of a European expert working group on the implementation of Natural Capital Accounts (NCAs) in EU Member States. MAIA (Mapping and Assessment for Integrated ecosystem Accounting) aims at mainstreaming natural capital and ecosystem accounting in EU Member States....read more
15 October 2019
MAIA project partner Fernando Santos Martin will represent MAIA during a session on “Combining forces: building bridges between natural capital approaches,” on 7 and 8 November 2019 in Madrin, Spain. The course is conducted as a part of the European Business and Nature Summit. The workshop aims to contribute to the alignment of natural capital between the public and private sectors. Additionally, ways to harness the two sectors in their collection and use of statistics and data will be investiga...read more
1 October 2019
MAIA is going to take part in the International Marine Ecosystem Accounting workshop, held on 10 October 2019 in Helsinki, Finland. The event aims at distinguishing unique opportunities to learn how Natural Capital Accounting could influence and support various marine policies.  The workshop will bring together experts from different backgrounds, such as marine science, environmental and resource economics, statistics and policy advisors, and many more, who will focus on discussing the v...read more
25 September 2019
The November issue of the European Union newsletter about GDP (2019), "Beyond GDP” Newsletter, features an interview about the MAIA project with the project coordinator Prof. Lars Hein. What are the objectives of the MAIA (Mapping and Assessment for Integrated Ecosystem Accounting) project? Which partners are involved? The MAIA project is funded by Horizon2020 and aims to support and promote the application of Ecosystem Accounting in the EU, following the framework of the UN System...read more
15 September 2019
The Research Institute for Nature and Forest in Brussels hosts a meeting between MAIA, the KIP-INCA project and the European Commission, which aims at co-creating the future of biodiversity and natural capital. The meeting will be held on 19 and 20 September 2019 with a selected group of stakeholders (experts and users) from EU member states who work on biodiversity, ecosystem services or natural capital accounting (NCA). The meeting will consist of short presentations and thematic focus grou...read more
4 February 2019
Partners of the MAIA consortium met up on 30 and 31 January 2019 in Wageningen, the Netherlands for the Kick-Off meeting of the project. The meeting allowed an update of natural capital accounting (NCA) implementation at international and country scales, as well as to review the project work plan. The meeting gave a start to all project activities with fruitful discussions of upcoming tasks. Representatives of the Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME), the European C...read more