15 September 2019

The Research Institute for Nature and Forest in Brussels hosts a meeting between MAIA, the KIP-INCA project and the European Commission, which aims at co-creating the future of biodiversity and natural capital. The meeting will be held on 19 and 20 September 2019 with a selected group of stakeholders (experts and users) from EU member states who work on biodiversity, ecosystem services or natural capital accounting (NCA).

The meeting will consist of short presentations and thematic focus groups to co-develop future research and support actions. This will be the first meeting of a European platform on the development of NCA, as well as the first meeting with member states and MAES on the upcoming Horizon Europe Biodiversity Partnership. 

Natural Capital Accounting aims to improve the coherence and policy impact of data on natural resources. NCA broadens the scope of national economic accounts to include aspects of biodiversity, ecosystems and ecosystem services. This is essential, as these basic resources are in strong decline and underpin national economies, while they are not consistently measured.

The Biodiversity Partnership intends to align European and national biodiversity research agendas. A specific and urgent discussion is needed on how to integrate the member states and MAES in this upcoming Horizon Europe Biodiversity Partnership, which will mobilise significant resources, and can further support the MAES process.

Presentations are available below.







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