14 February 2022

The UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration offers a vital opportunity to advance scaled-up, integrated approaches that reverse ecosystem degradation, biodiversity loss, and climate disruption and deterioration. As such, the available in the Restoration Ecology journal paper Shifting the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration from aspiration to reality, provides essential ready to use natural capital approaches to engage with policymakers and stakeholders in a transparent way.

The article has been conducted as part of the INCASE project and Natural Capital Project by a team of leading experts, amongst whom are MAIA’s coordinator Prof. Lars Hein (Wageningen University, The Netherlands) and Advisory Board member Carl Obst (Institute for Development of Environmental-Economic Accounting IDEEA, Australia).

The presented in the paper natural capital approaches are working to yield accurate indicators revealing the true costs and benefits of restoration policies and projects in both environmental and social terms. These examples provide opportunities to track and support the necessary changes to expand and embed the culture of restoration into decision-making across sectors, highlighting multiple benefits for society and economy.

Read the full paper here

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