20 December 2021

A MAIA-supported study that has been published in the Forest Policy and Economics journal, investigates the link between the Economic Account for forestry and ecosystem accounting, by analysing the total forest incomes and environmental assets in publicly-owned conifer farms in Andalusia, Spain. The study has been conducted by MAIA's experts Pablo Campos, Alejandro Álvareza, Bruno Mesa, José L.Oviedo and Alejandro Caparrós, all from the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC).

The researchers have applied the Economic Account for Forestry (EAF) and Agroforestry Accounting System (AAS) frameworks to 12 large publicly-owned protected conifer forest farms which are not available for sale on the competitive land market and which cover an area of 47,262 ha in Andalusia-Spain. In this conifer farm case study, the EAF considers the economic activities of timber, firewood, aromatic plants and residential service.

The sensitivity analysis underlines the important effects on the environmental asset arising from changes in land ownership rights and discounting rates.

Read the full paper here.

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