16 November 2020

A new MAIA-supported research paper is now available in the Environmental Science & Policy Journal. The article looks into linking biodiversity into national economic accounting with a specific focus on the implementation of biodiversity indicators to the System of Environmental-Economic Accounts Ecosystem Accounting (SEEA EA). 

Biodiversity is proven to have crucial impact to human well-being and the maintenance of ecosystem services flows, especially in times of disturbance. However, there are indicators showing for a decline within the three biodiversity sectors - ecosystem, species and genetic diversities. In this matter, a call for action is being initiated in order to prevent biodiversity loss, by collecting essential data on the importance and benefits of biodiversity to the ecosystem and human well-being. 

Researchers advocate for the integration of biodiversity into various national accounts, proving the need of biodiversity indicators to be linked to the SEEA EA. The motivation behind this study shows that the SEEA EA is in possession of biophysical accounts for measuring and monitoring the condition of ecosystem types, which are essential for establishing the state of biodiversity. Additionally, the paper highlights the significance of Species Accounts and recommends for their inclusion into the SEEA EA. 

Read the full paper here.

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