11 May 2021

MAIA is glad to announce that the project’s Fact Sheets are now available on our website. Being specifically designed to serve as an intuitive tool for the user, the MAIA fact sheets summarise the state of affairs on natural capital accounting (NCA) in the connected to the project countries. 

Throughout the materials, one can find various information such as a summary of the current state of the NCA, the respective country’s policy priorities needed for further developing NCA and the pilot accounts that are under development. Additionally, insight on the knowledge gaps and difficulties, as well as support needs for developing natural capital accounts can be gathered through the fact sheets. 

MAIA’s fact sheets are presented on a dedicated page on the project’s website and are accompanied by a FAQ section. It is important for MAIA to gather and showcase the state of affairs on natural capital accounting not only within the project but also beyond MAIA. Thus, we encourage everyone interested, to upload information on the NCA state in their countries in the dedicated section, which you can find here.

Explore the MAIA Fact Sheets here.

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