19 October 2021

MAIA's partners at NINA Oslo are looking for a Researcher in ecological economics for a permanent position. However, should you have recently received your PhD, NINA may consider offering a post-doc position. The requirement for a doctoral degree may also be deviated from. It is an advantage to have knowledge of and /or experience from Norwegian nature management, but this is not a condition.

Tasks and Job specifications: 

The position will be linked to research on economic instruments to succeed in sweeping societal changes that are necessary to solve the natural and climate crises.
• In particular, there will be a focus on area and nature accounts for both Norwegian and other ecosystems;
• The candidate we are looking for will simplify and relieve tasks for NINA's researchers;
• At the same time, the candidate must further develop NINA's competence in the mentioned areas and other adjacent subject areas in NINA;
• The candidate must actively contribute to application and publication work.

For more information you can contact Kristin Thorsrud Teien (

Deadline for applying: 25 October 2021

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