27 October 2020

For the first time, biodiversity account for the Netherlands has been published. The Netherlands is a thematic account in the international SEEA-EA (System of Environmental-Economic Accounts – Ecosystem Accounts) framework. It’s main use within this framework is to monitor the intrinsic, ecological, quality of the ecosystems providing ecosystem services to society.

The Account collects indicators on two hierarchical levels: ecosystems and species. Trends in biodiversity are reported on two time scales: a longer time scale, mostly 1990 onward, and a shorter ‘accounting’ period, 2006–2013, which is also the focus of the other current SEEA-EA accounts for the Netherlands (extent; condition; physical and monetary supply/use of ecosystems).

For more information and access to the report, click here.

Image by Hollandse Hoogte / Clemens Rikken.

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